Employment and Pre-Employment Physicals

Employment and Pre-Employment Physicals

Physical Exams

Comprehensive physical exams help to assess the individual’s overall health, as well as their ability to carry out the job in question safely. Many employers will also require screenings for individuals who are returning to work after a long time off. This might be due to an injury, a prolonged illness, or a temporary layoff.

Physical exams can include the following:

  • Review of medical history, review of current medications
  • Record height and weight check
  • Vision test
  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Motion, strength, and functional tests
  • Handling, stability, and flexibility tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Drug test
  • HPES

Many companies choose to have their employees undergo routine physical exams on an annual or semi-annual basis. This is a series of rudimentary diagnostics designed to catch recently developed medical issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and other crucial medical conditions that might affect the individual’s ability to perform their job safely.

These annual physical examinations go a long way toward improving workplace safety and productivity. If a test does reveal a recently developed health or performance issue, we can recommend treatment options to ensure it doesn’t affect workplace safety.

Types of Diagnostic Testing

At Midtown Medical Group we offer a wide range of in-depth medical diagnostics. Each is designed to evaluate key health factors which can help identify existing health conditions, and heightened risk for certain health problems, as well as evaluate an individual’s physical fitness in exacting detail. This includes testing such as:

Return to Work

A lot of employers require a medical assessment for all employees after a significant time off due to injury, illness, or a temporary layoff. This serves to determine their overall health as well as their physical capacity to safely do their job.

Many times this includes performing a complete medical evaluation that includes assessing things like range of motion, as well as the ability to lift, push, and pull according to established parameters. Accurately assessing these abilities can dramatically reduce the risk of injury or aggravation to a previous injury.

Fitness for Duty

At Midtown Medical Group we are set up to handle a wide range of diagnostic tasks to assess an individual’s fitness for duty. This includes physical and mental components as well as their emotional state. All of which are critical factors in an individual’s ability to safely perform their job duties in a way that doesn’t pose a threat to themselves, or others or risk damage to property and equipment.

Biometric Screening

Biometric screening is a broad diagnostic that evaluates a wide range of important health data. It serves to identify individuals who might be at high risk for health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke, just to name a few.

The biometric screenings administered by Midtown Medical Group can help catch high-risk factors as well as reduce health risks and improve the individual’s overall health. It can also go a long way toward reducing healthcare costs, while also improving employee productivity.

Pulmonary Function Test

Also known as a PFT, this is a noninvasive test to assess the performance of an individual’s lungs and respiratory system. A pulmonary function test effectively measures key factors such as lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange.

12-Lead ECG (EKG)

This is a comprehensive diagnostic of cardiac performance that involves tracing from 12 different electrical positions on the individual’s heart. The goal is to accurately determine if the individual has an undiagnosed abnormality within their heart’s electrical system.


This is a blood test that is used to measure and examine cells, chemicals, proteins, and other key substances in the blood.

Respirator Medical Evaluation

This health assessment diagnostic helps evaluate if the individual is medically fit to use a respirator on the job. It is known in some industries as a Respirator Medical Clearance. It is a critical diagnostic to help protect employees’ health at work as well as ensure workplace compliance with the respiratory protection standards that were maintained and established by OSHA.

Respirator Fit Test

This is a simple, yet critical evaluation to ensure that a typical respirator will properly fit the face of the individual without any leaks or alignment issues.

Human performance evaluation

An HPE is designed to accurately evaluate the applicant’s ability to physically perform a certain task. These tests can play a critical role in both pre-employment and return-to-work testing. At Midtown Medical Group we restrict these HPE tests to evaluating for things that will keep the job applicant from safely performing their job, as is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A typical HPE evaluation consists of

  • An in-depth review of the workers’ medical history
  • Reviewing their past occupational history
  • A routine medical exam
  • Evaluating their capacity for specific functional tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling

Annual Exams

A lot of employers require their employees to have routine physical exams to ensure that everyone is still healthy enough to safely perform their duties. These exams can catch newly developing illnesses, such as diabetes or cardiovascular issues that can develop with age.

At Midtown Medical Group our highly experienced staff provides complete transparency between employers and employees about the pertinent results of annual exams. All while ensuring that we maintain the strictest privacy laws where it is applicable.

If an employee has developed a health condition, which might impede or prohibit them from safely performing their job duties, we can work with them to explore potential treatment options.