Employment / Pre-Employment Exams and Disability Determination Services

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Employment / Pre-Employment Services

Pre-Employment Physicals

We screen potential employees, or those returning to work after an illness or injury, to make sure they are capable of safely performing their job duties.


Annual Physical Exams

A series of diagnostics catch medical issues such as diabetes and heart disease that might affect the individual’s ability to perform their job safely.

Drug Testing

MMG specializes in a wide range of comprehensive drug screening services that comply with all pertinent federal and industry standards.

Disability Determination Services

Consultative Exams

A Consultative Examination is a physical exam conducted by a licensed medical provider to gather more information to determine the nature, severity, and duration of an individual’s alleged disability and their ability to perform basic work-related functions. This typically consists of:

  • An in-depth review of the workers’ medical history
  • Reviewing their past occupational history
  • A routine medical exam
  • Evaluating their capacity for specific functional tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling

Psychological Services

At Midtown Medical Group, we offer a wide range of psychological services and assessments. A Psychological Interview is conducted by a licensed Ph.D. or PsyD to gather more information so the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make an accurate assessment of an individual’s alleged disability.

Should the SSA deem it necessary to further evaluate an individual’s disability, additional psychological testing may be ordered.

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